Submit Website To Google, Yahoo & Bing 2019

Submit Website To Google, Yahoo & Bing 2019 

Submit Website To Google, Yahoo & Bing 2019

Are you at blogging? When we create a blog and first need to submit to the search engine. 

Why we submit our blog or website in search engine?

we submit our blog in a search engine to index our post it is very important to indexing our post in search engine. So this article shows you or teach you how we can submit a website in google yahoo and bing.

1) Submit Website to Google: 

First, go and sign up with Google Webmasters Tools either with your gmail address or some other email address if you don’t have a Gmail address. Once logged in, click the “Add a Site” button, verify ownership by choosing one of the available methods (Linking to your Google Analytics Account, Uploading a blank HTML file to ROOT folder of your website or Adding a Meta Tag to your main page which should be one of “index.php/ index.html/ default.htm/default.asp”). 
Once ownership is verified, you will be presented with a Dashboard where you should submit your Sitemap. That’s it.

2) Submit Website to Yahoo: 

Go to Yahoo Site Explorer, click “Submit Your Site” from the menu on the left and then click “Submit a Website or Webpage” link, provide details and hit Submit. You will need to log in with your yahoo username/password to be able to submit, then Yahoo will also ask to verify ownership just like in Google case.

3) Submit Website to Bing:

 Go to URL Submission – Bing, enter the captcha verification code, enter your website URL and hit enter. It’s that simple.

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