How To Create Your Content For Future Social Media

Whether you use social media as an influencer, brand, or personal, for whatever reason, you can’t deny social media in any way over the past decade. Although social media started at one time with AIM, Friendster, and MySpace, it is now a very profitable platform for any brand or influencer.

Recently, social media is being used more commercially than in personal use. More than half of any social media news-feed contains offers and promotions from different companies. At present, in this corona epidemic, people are giving importance to online shopping and entertainment even though they are thinking about health awareness. Although these changes have been rapid due to the epidemic, these habits of the users will change social media in the future.

This kind of change is very normal in the next world. And your future brand success will depend on current social media trends.

So here are some guidelines on how to write content for social media in the coming world and highlight the current social media trends.

Emphasis on community building

In a world where people have to live 6 feet away from each other, the digital community is something that people are desperately looking for. It is important to create a sense of communication and inclusion before creating a prosperous social media community for the future.

Facebook is enriching different communities through their groups. Groups can give great introductions to different brands through word of mouth. Normally, a user reads a post of a friend and acquaintance 16 times more than reading a post of any brand. So branding through Word of Mouth is currently quite effective. Bands like ASOS , Peloton are already marketing through their Facebook groups. Hundreds of people are sharing their experiences, likes, etc. in groups every day.

When you can build a social media community for your brand, you can easily know the pros and cons of your product, get feedback from customers, and build good relationships between members and brands.

If you can build an active community, you can easily find out from customers what they really want in the future and where social media trends are heading. So the community is a valuable asset to you that will keep your brand moving forward uninterrupted.

Great customer service

The days of talking directly to customer service representatives are getting a bit lost. Nowadays customers try to communicate in a digital way. Customers are now expecting answers to their questions from brands through comments. According to a recent study, 80% of customers who make a complaint on social media want to know the answer within 1 hour.

Providing great customer service on social media is quite tedious but it is quite affordable to solve the problem. Solving on social media is about 73% cheaper than solving a problem through a call center. Providing 24-hour customer service does not mean that you will handle everything alone. You can split your team according to shifts or hire a social media listening expert.

In general, when the customer wants to know something, he prefers direct human interaction without copy-paste the answer. Be sure to define your voice before planning your future customer service strategy. So that your feedback on the platforms can be consistent with the brand and take the brand forward.

Video and live streaming

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The way videos and live streaming are dominating social media right now is expected to accelerate in the future. Users are more interested in watching or knowing something in the video than reading the post. A video post is 10 times more valuable than any photo post. Live video is expected to grow 15-fold by 2022, and 16% of all Internet traffic will go to video.

You no longer have to spend hours creating video content. The good news is that high quality videos can be made for social media in a very short time with various excellent apps on phones and laptops.

Even if the performance of the video post from any post is good, you have to be careful enough to make a video. Before you know it, what is the purpose of your video? Which topic will be the focus of the video? Why would people like your videos more than any other video?

Defining specific social media

To reach the right customers for your brand, you must select the right social media. Although mainstream social media, such as   Instagram , Twitter and Facebook, continue to dominate social media, to reach specific customers, you must focus on specific customer interests.

You need to save a platform where your target customers spend more time and competitors are comparatively less. Like if I talk about Twitch which is a social media where most gamers spend time. Here any of your game brand ads, from Facebook or other mainstream social media will reach the target audience with less competition.

For the promotion of your brand, you must do good research and choose the specific platform where your message can easily reach specific customers with less competition. Choose a platform where your product will attract more attention and the number of customers will continue to grow in the future.

Creating ephemeral content

You can create Ephemeral content to get the best reach of your brand. Ephemeral content in simple language is transient Post. It could be a day Photo or a story on your Facebook or Instagram. Which can attract people’s attention in a great way.

Try to create more Ephemeral content with pictures or videos. Put a day pic on your brand page every day so that people will not forget your brand.

People are more attracted to a product when it is shown again and again. In one study, 82% of people said they were interested in stories from different brands or products.

This type of Ephemeral content will help protect the user’s attention to your brand in the future as most users prefer to view or scroll the story on the phone. Your ephemeral content will help users to adjust the phone screen perfectly and increase user interest. You can add different interactive elements, such as stickers, to make stories more acceptable or effective. It has been proven that interactive elements like stickers can increase the performance of a story by up to 63%.

One of the major benefits of ephemeral content is that user-generated content can be easily shared. More than 45% of customers claim that user-generated content is very effective in finding new products.

Last word

The future is unknown for anything and it can be scary for brands. If you can’t keep up with the way the world, people’s needs, and tastes are changing, make it very difficult to survive in this age of globalization. If you want to stay updated, you must catch the social media trends and plan accordingly. Adjusting to those trends can move your brand forward in an uncertain future.

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