The way Google has created ‘Browser Monopoly’ in the internet world

We all use internet browsers to access the internet. There are many types of browsers available in the market, such as Mozilla Firefox, brave, Opera, there are also certain browsers of certain companies, such as Google Chrome, Microsoft’s Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari. If you are asked which browser you use the most, say for Windows OS? Most of the answers will hopefully be Google Chrome. And a big part of them used to be Mozilla Firefox.

I have been on the internet for many years. I’ve been using Windows from the beginning with Firefox. But suddenly I had to leave Firefox and move to Chrome.

A few days ago I came to Mac from Windows. But sadly, three times in the last few weeks I’ve downloaded and installed Chrome because my MacBook browser failed to access various Google sites. It didn’t even open without Google Hangouts and Google Earth Chrome. Moreover, when it comes to watching and editing Youtube videos, Firefox occasionally turns off or hangs. All in all, Google Chrome is a great service.

This story is not just for me, but for thousands of tech lovers like me. Now, do you think Google has a hand behind this? Let’s discuss this today.

The way Google is forcing you

We know, we don’t have a minute without Google right now. All the products used in our daily life are Google. A few days ago, when I was editing Youtube videos with Firefox, it almost hung and stuck for a long time. When I tweet about it on Youtube’s Twitter they ask me to use another browser. I use Chrome and the problem is solved! Suddenly I need a Google Hangout. Trying to get in with Firefox doesn’t work. Let’s try safari, same problem. Thousands of users on the internet complained about YouTube that the video was not running well and could not be edited. The only solution to this problem was Google Chrome.

Blocking certain websites

A few days ago, Google blocked their video calling app Google Meet on the edge of Microsoft. After some time, it also blocked the use of the new version of YouTube from Microsoft Edge. Even making Google Earth’s logo look like Google Chrome is like giving this feature to a specific user. The beta version of Microsoft Edge still hangs out and YouTube runs well, which means Google may not have checked it yet.

Created intentional bugs

Many people claim that Google has started to create various bugs so that users cannot browse the internet properly. Firefox engineers also claim that Google is using their old API for Firefox and that the speed of YouTube is much lower than that of Firefox, even five times less than that of Chrome. They further claim that Google has deliberately created hundreds of bugs for Firefox so that users can leave Firefox and start using Google Chrome.

The rest is inequality

If we go back a little, we will see that Google is not the first in this way. The rest have made such discrimination before. Companies like Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft restricted some of their important services to their own browsers. Microsoft and at one time dominated this category with their Internet explore.

What was the main purpose of Google?

Google actually wants everyone to start using Google Chrome and they can dominate the Internet browser. A user will never use multiple browsers at the same time. Through which all the work can be done in a good way at the same time, they will use it in a normal way. And Google wants to take advantage of this.

How long can Google stick to this decision?

The question remains as to how long Google can survive with its dominance. Currently, tech companies are dependent on each other in many ways. If Google wants to do something different from everyone else, it is never possible. And the past says so. If we look at Microsoft, we can see that at one time they were ruling over all the other companies. They were the most aggressive rivals of other companies. But today? Now that Microsoft is partnering with its rivals in various ways You can see this topic is discussed in this tune. 

The big threat to Google

We know that Google is currently the largest and most profitable advertising medium in the world. About 70% of Google’s revenue comes from advertising. Google ads appear on the website, and it helps Google Chrome track whether you’re actually seeing ads. And whether they can show you the type of advertising you want.

Now think of one thing: Google Ad shows not only in Chrome but also in other browsers. What if the other competing browsers, such as Microsoft edge, safari, firefox, brave, don’t want to show Google’s ads, or if they create a blocking extension that will block Google’s ads by default? Then first of all Google will fail to show a large part of their ad and at the same time will not be able to track the data of the users and use their information. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

Last word

As always, tech companies are now dependent on each other in many ways. If Google wants to put pressure on other companies, it will not be able to save any interest. No one could in the past, one time had to be one. And Google must have it because one of the sources of revenue for Google is Google Adsense. If the rest of the browsers block Google’s ads, then Google Chrome will not show ads anywhere other than. And if that happens, companies like Google will be under a lot of pressure. So let’s see how long Google keeps their browsing monopoly.

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