Ultimate Guide To Stay Anonymous in Online

We all know how important internet security is now. As technology advances, hackers are becoming more powerful. Now all your personal information may fall into the hands of hackers.

A few days ago we were most affected by a virus attack that was the Ransomware virus. They encrypted all user data and demanded up to $1,000 for unlocking. So we need to make sure that the websites we use every day are actually safe.

Hacking and hackers

We often get the news that server hack of such and such organization has lost so many millions of data, server hack of such bank has lost so many crores of rupees etc. Who does these? Yes of course hackers.

But who is this hacker? What is his identity? What is the real name, where is it? Nothing is ever revealed.

The reason they don’t get it is that they hide their personal information and stay on the internet. Those who do not have a specific IP address or specific identity. What they actually use, how they use it, and why we don’t know anything about them will be discussed in this tune.

The point will be very clear, let’s say you want to keep your identity a hacker for some reason, then see what your steps will be.

Internet browsing

Internet browsing is the name of doing something online or enjoying something. So how to browse the internet safely? Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can browse the internet safely.

Proxy server

You can use secure internet without having to use any separate software just by setting some settings in the browser. Suppose you are entering a site, now if you change your proxy from Bangladesh and give a proxy in India, then the owner of that site will see your address as India. Go to Google and search for different proxy servers, you will see many sites with Free Proxy server. There is secure browsing using a proxy server.


It’s a lot like a proxy server. This changes your IP and location. If you use VPN, your morning information will be safe on the internet. In some countries, certain websites are blocked. The blocked websites can also be accessed through VPN.

There are two types of free and paid VPN available in the market. Free VPN works for general work but paid VPN is required for a little advanced-level work. However, if you want, you can make your own VPN.


Tor Browser

Many of us have heard or know about Tor Browser. It is an Internet browser that does not require a separate VPN or proxy server. Through this, your IP is repeatedly changed and published on the internet through which your real identity is kept secret. Many of you may have heard of the Dark Web, its Tor browser is used to use the Dark Web.

It is much safer to use Tor from our traditional browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer with which all your information will be hidden.

Google cannot be used

Although Google is the best for the average user, you can never use Google when you want to use the Anonymous Internet. We know that Google collects all your information so this search engine is never safe.

Google has been questioned many times in terms of credibility. Apart from cheating in their search results, stealing users’ information, benefiting by putting pressure on other search engines, various allegations have been made against Google at different times.

Not only Google’s search engine but also any other product of Google cannot be used, such as Google Map, Gmail, etc.

So what to use as a search engine?

In addition to big companies like Google and Bing, there are other search engines on the Internet such as Ecosia, Startpage, Qwant, DuckDuckGo. Everyone uses those search engines but they have a huge impact on users’ privacy issues. Sometimes users prefer to use these search engines than Google.

As I said before, there were a lot of complaints against Google about user privacy, so those who are privacy-conscious use those sites. Search engines feature that they do not track users’ personal data, such as cookies, browsing history, etc. Hackers use these search engines as an alternative to Google to hide their IP for various purposes.

Email account

If you want to avoid hackers or become a hacker yourself, you need to be aware of web browsing as well as email addresses. Let’s take a look at how you can be safe in terms of email addresses.

Alias ​​Email

You can send your email to someone by keeping your email secret and forwarding it with other emails. That’s why we use Alias ​​Email. Hackers or others will think that mail has come from another mail, they will not understand that it is your job.

Disposable email

We all know that only one mail address can be opened with one phone number but you may not know that you don’t need a phone number to open an email and you can even create an email address every minute. Yes, I am talking about Temporary or Disposal Email.

There are various websites through which you can get disposal emails. And your identity will be safe and secret. You can search Google by typing Disposable email.

Reply with BCC

If you want to increase your identity easily, the easiest way is to use blind carbon copy or BCC


This time we will discuss how to download files from the Internet safely or anonymously. Any time you download something from the website, your information can go to different places, so be careful when downloading.

Proxy server

The same thing applies with proxies when I am browsing. The same applies here. Only use a proxy in your Internet Download Manager or in a browser if you download with a browser.


Torrent 7 is the most groundbreaking way to download anonymously from the internet With torrent you can get cracking, free, and even paid software for free.

Sometimes torrent downloads are slow. So you can follow my tune.

13+ exclusive settings to make your torrent download super fast! Configure uTorrent


As you may know, when we use the Internet, some files are created in our browser called cookies. These cookies contain your identity information and a lot of information. We need to keep our cookies safe before we can secure the Internet.

Block third party cookies

Some cookies are actually needed and some cookies are planned to take away our information, so you can never go to a third-party website and bring cookies. Permission cannot be granted without realizing that sometimes you are asked for permission to use cookies as soon as you enter a website.

Location block

You can go to any website and understand that your location cannot be turned on so that anyone can track where you are currently located.

JavaScript block

Our browsers, websites all have Javascript. Blocking this Javascript is not so easy. Again your data may be transferred to another web-server for various harmful Javascript. So we need to be aware of this Javascript. If you wish, you can use a browser extension called NoScript that will prevent your data from accessing the webserver.

Make the correct configuration in the browser

In separate locations, you can easily set your Chrome browser without blocking cookies. Go to Settings> Privacy and security> Site settings and block whatever you want.

Verify your security

So far I have discussed how different websites can steal your information or steal information. However, it is true that not all websites are interested in getting your information or they have any intention to endanger you.

So how do know which web site is safe and which website is not safe, you can go to the following websites and check it


Some browser extensions to stay safe

Let me introduce you to some of the best browser extensions that you can use to stay safe in the internet world.


This will give you maximum security from harmful websites. The website will block your data usage.
Privacy Badger This extension will monitor all websites you use and track and block Harmful websites.

HTTPS Everywhere

This excellent extension will ensure your security by scanning the HTTPS of your browsing website. It will warn you by checking if your website has a valid certificate so that you get maximum security.

Disable WebRTC

Sometimes your browser can also leak your personal information. This way, when you use a VPN, the real IP can be revealed. These problems can occur when WebRTC is loaded into your browser. But this Disable WebRTC extension will help you to disable WebRTC


This extension gives you the guarantee of safe browsing of the Internet by blocking the flash element.


This will help you keep Annomus on the Internet as well as block all other risky plug-ins.

Here are some tips to stay safe

Let’s remember to write some additional tips to write the tune. Let’s see.

Virtual machine

When you suspect that a file or software on the Internet may contain a virus, you can check it by installing it on a virtual machine before installing it on your computer.

We know that almost all operating systems of virtual machines can be run.

Phone call

If you want to remain anonymous, you can never use a phone call for any purpose because we know we have all the information with the SIM. Even if you don’t have SIM information, your identity can be leaked through network tracking.

Avoid clicking on spam

You must recognize spam and do not click on it for your own safety. You can watch my tune on spam phishing.

Find out what is phishing? How many types of phishing can there be

New new password

There is no alternative to password change to increase your security. Whenever in doubt, change your password immediately.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is being used on various social media or market-place websites and banking websites nowadays. Be sure to use it, even if you know the password, no one will be able to access your account.


Those who use antivirus have different fire wells, you can also use fire wells for your own security. Check your virus updates daily to get better security.

Last word

We all know how important internet data privacy is now. Today all of our personal businesses are online. Unbeknownst to you, all that information can go into the hands of hackers. And online security is important for all of us. At present, there are various hacking methods through which being safe online has become more of a challenge for us. So you have to be aware today.

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