Why Google helps its rival search engines?

A few days ago I shared why Microsoft partnered with its competitors, if you want to see why Microsoft is partnering with its competitors? Find out the story behind it!

I hope I was able to give you a detailed idea through the tune and liked the tune. Today we will discuss such a partnership or agreement.

Google search engine

We know how influential Google is as a search engine. The biggest part of the internet is relying on Google search. Google is the only choice in internet search in all countries except China. Although Microsoft’s Bing is somewhat dominant in the countries, it is not close to Google. I can think of myself as the most helpless person if Google is off for a minute. Google collects billions of data every day on the Internet and indexes it on its own servers, displaying it as soon as a user asks for it. So our internet world is almost impossible without Google.

Google’s trustworthiness

Google has been questioned many times in terms of credibility. Apart from cheating in their search results, stealing users’ information, benefiting by putting pressure on other search engines, various allegations have been made against Google at different times. For example, if we talk about the frequent changes in the Google Ad Badge and the fraud in the search results, then you will be a little surprised.

We know that search engines usually have two types of search results. One is paid results and another is organic search results 7 When you do a Google search, you will notice that at first, some search results have a small ad written. These are basically paid searches. Notice through the pictures below

Google has repeatedly changed their design and now there is not much difference between organic results and paid results. This is basically deceiving the users, even if they make a mistake, they are getting into the paid results.

Why Google is unrivaled

Despite all this, Google is unrivaled in its place and the world’s No. 1 search engine. So today I will discuss from the point of view of some users who want Google alternatives and what they actually expect from a search engine. At the same time, we will discuss how the rest of the search engines are moving forward by learning from the mistakes of Google and correcting the mistakes.

A search engine does three things: crawl first, index the information, and display it to the user in the right way. And a user finally gets the closest search result

This process may seem simple, but it is not easy. We know that new websites are constantly being published on the internet, the existing websites are publishing new information which is a huge repository of information. This large database is very difficult to crawl. And various search engines like BaiduYandex do not collect all the information but only collect country-based information and Google will be the answer to the question of who crawls or indexes the information from all over the world! And Bing in some cases.

What are Google’s alternative search engines, who uses them?

In addition to big companies like Google, Bing, there are some small companies on the internet like Ecosia,  Startpage,  Qwant,  DuckDuckGo. Those who compete with each other. Everyone uses those search engines but they have a huge impact on users’ privacy issues. Sometimes users prefer to use these search engines than Google. As I said before, there were a lot of complaints against Google about user privacy, so those who are privacy-conscious use those sites. Search engines feature that they do not track users’ personal data, such as cookies, browsing history, etc. Hackers use these search engines as an alternative to Google to hide their IP for various purposes. Now the question may come to your mind, can they give accurate search results like Google? You will get the answer yourself after a while.

How does Google help?

Google and Bing help those companies in many ways. Since companies can never beat Google, Bing, they buy search results and ads from Google, Bing. When we search for something on Google, Google sells a large part of it to them. And when we search for something in those search engines, it will show the result of Google, they will just put their own Ad.

If we take the word Startpage, we can see that when we do some search here, they will send our IP to Google and Gul will send the result and ad accordingly. When we click on the result, it will keep our IP secret and present the information to us. And this type of search engine is called privacy focus search engine. To put it more simply, these search engines work great when we sometimes have to browse the internet with privacy in mind.

more search engines, DuckDuckGo and  Qwant. They are similarly dependent on Google and Bing. Among these search engines, there is another search engine which is Ecosia.  Ecosia being the most popular here.  Ecosia and similarly their search results earn money by showing various affiliate links like AmazoneBay ads keeping their user’s privacy secret.

Ecosia is popular because it is a non-profit organization that uses a portion of its income to protect the environment. Their main purpose is to plant trees.

With a share of the profits of those who have recently planted more than 70 million trees and to me it is a great search engine.

Are small search engines successful?

These companies make money by buying search results from big companies like Google, Bing and putting ads in them. Now the question may come to your mind, have they really succeeded in this way? The straightforward answer would be, yes.

Dr. Guha, Ecosia,   Startpage have all confirmed that they have maintained the organization in a profitable way for many years. Even last month, in collaboration with Bing, Ecosia earned about 2 million euros, 85% of which they used directly for tree planting and other natural environment protection.

Search companies are primarily used to keep user information confidential, which means they naturally show less consistent ads than Google, yet their search ad revenue is good enough.

In an interview with Ecosia, they did not admit it directly, but I can guess that their users click more on their search ads from Google because they want a part of their money to be used for planting trees or protecting the environment.

The companies have confirmed their business growth and also acknowledged that their business is growing day by day.  The CEO of Startpage said that even though they do not promote their company, the growth rate of their company is about 15 to 20 percent every year and the companies have been doubling their revenue every year since 2014.

The companies are going with about 14 million search results every day. These include Ecozia, Germany and the US, and  Startpage, Germany. While search engines around the world are at the bottom, they are becoming more and more popular day by day in terms of privacy and environmental protection.  Startpage said in an interview that their users have doubled overnight after various privacy scandals. The companies are very convenient for basic search as well as various service search.

After this research, two questions kept popping up in my mind, these search companies are completely dependent on Google, if Google and Bing cut off their search supply then their business will end now. Why is Google still helping companies survive?

Why is Google, Bing helping them?

I got my answer. Let’s start with Bing, Bing has 5% of their business share on desktop and. 05% of mobile devices. So if these small companies dominate the market, it will hurt Google’s market share, not Bing’s. Because Microsoft never asks its users to use search engines or attaches so much importance to it.

Bing thinks that if Google can be pressured by small search companies to sell their ads, then it is not a loss but a profit. Google, on the other hand, thinks that when users are looking for alternatives, we help the search engines of their choice so that a part of the revenue will come to us.

My second question was, why did companies choose Bing when Google was everywhere? Or why Google?

Why Google or Bing?

The answer is that Bing’s negotiation power is so strong that most people choose Bing. When the companies were contacted they said why they chose to leave Google, Ecozia said they were not satisfied with the deal with Google. At the same time, Startpage said that the agreement with Google was really difficult, they limited our services in different ways. Google has never compromised with them on this issue. So the rest of the companies like Ecozia, Duck, when they saw that Bing was easy for them because there is more of their will so they sell it.

Last word

I think the search engines of small companies are useful for various jobs like Google. Because everything needs a balance. By now you know why Google, Bing are helping their competitors. But I like their strategy.

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