Why is Microsoft partnering with its competitors? Find out behind the story

We all know that one of the competitors of Microsoft is Apple, Google, Sony. We all know the level of competition of companies. Suddenly I heard that Microsoft has started making their own Linux, Microsoft has decided to make Chrome their default browser, Microsoft is planning to make a new game station with Microsoft, and iPhone is also considered suitable for Microsoft Office. Believe it? Not to be outdone because how about a partnership with those who are constantly fighting in the business field? Not believing but now it is real.

“Microsoft” is one of the most aggressive companies

Do you remember the name of Bill Gates? One of the most successful personalities in the world, a social worker who decided to spend 99% of his income to save the world from malaria and established a company called Microsoft as the most successful tech company in the world. In 2001, the company was the most aggressive of the other tech companies. The company was also accused of violating antitrust laws.

There was no one to beat the way Microsoft started to become famous with the Windows operating system and in many cases the developers also started to fear whether they would lose their license to Microsoft. Even companies like Adobe were afraid.

Microsoft’s new decisions

Over the last five years as a modern tech company, they have brought some great diversity to their business. They are also looking at partnerships with different companies and are embracing open-source software.

In 2014, Microsoft’s newly appointed CEO, Satya Nadella, announced Microsoft Office for the iPod. This means they want to get out of their old aggressive behavior and focus on partnership. Microsoft is developing many tools for various projects of GitHub and giving them free access. They are adding Linux to different versions of Windows and also have separate distribution arrangements for Linux in their cloud service. They even filed for more than 60,000 patents to save Linux.

They have decided to use Chrome as their main browser and Alexa will be pre-installed on Windows. Sony will build their PlayStation. Even Android Microsoft Core software is available. The Play Store also has a great Windows launcher that is very popular with the service. Their initiative really deserves praise.

In a very short time, there are now more than 60 Microsoft apps in the Play Store and all of them are high-rated apps. The company is currently the second-highest contributor to Github’s open-source software.

The purpose of Microsoft’s new decisions

Many people are still wondering what could be the reason for such a sudden change in Microsoft. Why is the company standing next to everyone? Whether there is any business motive behind it. Even then, as long as Satya is the chief executive officer, people are looking at it in a positive way.

Many old critics of Microsoft also claim that they have forgiven Microsoft, Microsoft has come out of their evil mastermind.

To put it bluntly, yes, Microsoft’s business intentions and profits are at stake. Let’s see what lies ahead!

Concentrate on internet service

Microsoft was losing many buyers for their aggressive behavior. They couldn’t do anything new outside of their computer business. As they had no social media acquaintances, they had a reputation for smartphones. Microsoft has never been able to suppress various open-source movements such as Android, Linux, iOS. So they gradually turned their attention to internet services as they became interested in providing servers, cloud servers, and various enterprise software to the company.

An Internet service business is a great business right now. From the time the phone is released to the time it is used by the user, they have to be supported by software updates Many phone companies also make money through internet services. If we look at Xiaomi, we can see that Xiaomi is giving more importance to profit through internet service than making a profit by selling phones, which has been proved by profitable companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Alibaba, Tencent.

So Xiaomi wants to invest more in internet services as their main business. What other traditional phone companies do is they want to make money by selling hardware where Shaumi, first sells the phone for less profit but later wants to retain the customer and make more profit by using their service.

Creating credibility

The way they provide services to other companies changes their behavior drastically. And it was important for them to be credible in this situation. It is very natural that if you want to give your services to other companies even if they are your competitors then first you have to build good relationship with them and make your data credible to them.

Creating new competition fields

The big companies that have developers who use Android and iPhone need Linux for their coding and they use different codes for this. As an enterprise company, Google wanted to dominate in all these areas, not just the computer and office market. And through this, they will be able to compete with sony in new ways.

Attracting the attention of developers

The reason for their presence in partnerships and open-source platforms with big companies was to gain a new foothold and establish themselves as Internet service providers. Attracting the big developers of the world who are involved in UI, UX design, web site design in different ways was also one of their other objectives.

Last words:

Currently, tech companies are dependent on each other in many ways. Once upon a time when Microsoft wanted to build a good relationship with its competitors, it must understand that there must be a business purpose. This is actually proved by this tune. This is not the first time that many companies have become one for their own interests.

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